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Playing club volleyball can be a large commitment for families.  As your child gets older and more involved with the sport, the competitiveness will increase, so in turn we must increase our training experience for our older teams from a beginner to elite.  The most notable increases will be in weekly practice time, physical training, and travel outside of the St. Louis metro area. The cost associated with these elite programs is directly proportional to the increased time and services that we offer.

Our beginner programs (Coed 8s/10s, 11s,12s, and 13s) teach each and every player all of the fundamental skills of the game, how to be part of a team,  and the basics of competing at a high level. Our older more elite programs continue to develop each girl’s individual skills and additionally teach high-level team systems and teamwork. Our belief is that this method will give each of our athletes the opportunity to pursue playing volleyball at the collegiate level and beyond, as instill vital traits with them that will make them successful adults (Teamwork, Resiliency, Passion, etc.).

Each and every year we strive to keep the financial commitment as low as possible while still offering an elite volleyball experience.  We are committed to being competitive both on the court and with our price structure with the top clubs in the country.  Through the help of our fundraising efforts, our market research shows that we are very much inline with programs that offer a similar competitive experience. Please follow the links below to learn more about the different level of commiment for the various programs we offer.

Boys' Travel Commitment

Boys' Regional Commitment

Girls' Travel Commitment

Girls' Regional Commitment