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One of the core pillars of the High Performance experience is our dedication to being a community. The club has recently consolidated nearly all of our in-gym activities to one location in Creve Coeur, C4 Courts. This allows for a wide range of interaction between our teams and programs of all ages and genders. High Performance is unique because we have the feel of being one club and not simply a collection of teams under one name.

High Performance encourages our coaches to work together and help with the practices of multiple teams. This gives our coaches the ability to share ideas and work together for the betterment of the club rather than simply their own team. In addition, this community model allows for our athletes to be exposed to a variety of training methods and ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to become acquainted with the coaches they may have next season as well as continue relationships with coaches from the past.

Another part of the High Performance community is the mentoring program between our older teams and our youngest age levels. Each of our high school aged teams is required to attend at least one of our COED 8s and COED 10s practices each season. This experience helps our high school aged players understand what it means to give back to their community and our club. Often times they want to continue helping with the younger teams and commit to coaching for the entire season. This level of interaction is invaluable and has helped our players discover a passion for coaching within themselves.

In addition to coaching, High Performance promotes the idea of community in other ways.  Each year one of our most popular club events is our co-ed scrimmage between our high school teams. The goal of this  “competition” is to build friendly relationship between our boys’ and girls’ programs.  Another yearly community event is our High Performance Trivia Night. This event annually welcomes between 700-800 of our family members, alumni, coaches, staff, and friends. Besides the trivia competition itself, this night includes a silent auction, 50-50 tickets, and complimentary beer, soda, and bottled water

High Performance not only believes in the importance of instilling a sense of community within the club itself, but is also passionate about bettering the greater community of St. Louis. One example of this passion in action is High Performance’s DIG It! program that was founded in 2012. An acronym for “Developing the Inner Girl”, the mission of DIG it! is to inspire elementary urban girls to lead healthy, confident lives through an after school program that integrates a wellness curriculum with volleyball. Last year twenty-five girls in grades 4th-6th learned how to play volleyball for the first time. In addition they worked with a curriculum that taught them how to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their self-image. DIG it! is fully funded through donations and is offered free of charge to schools that are interested. In addition, this year TWO DIG it! girls will be playing for High Performance through the DIG it! sponsorship fund. This fund will be used to help support DIG it! girls that have shown the athletic ability and interest to continue to play volleyball at an elite club level. The goal of this sponsorship program is to identify individuals, groups, and organizations that are willing to build personal relationships with these girls and help reduce the cost of playing volleyball at the club level so that these girls can compete for athletic scholarships to play volleyball at the collegiate level.