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We take great pride in the coaches that we have leading our young men and women, because it is them who ultimately drive our mission. We believe coaching is more than knowing how to perform a skill and having a loud voice on the sideline, but that a coach truly cares about their players as individuals and works relentlessly to develop their players throughout the course of the season. Our coaches invest a tremendous amount of time in the development of our players and pride themselves in teaching the game from an educational standpoint.

Every year we boast a top tier line up of coaches who have a range of backgrounds and coaching experiences. These experiences include coaching high school, club, and NCAA  “All-Americans”, coaching in collegiate Final Fours, and even coaching USA National teams in international competition. 

Each year we have new coaches on staff who have a passion for the game of volleyball and who are eager to learn. Many of these young coaches are alumni who want to give back to the program that made them successful players. We believe strongly in helping our young coaches receive the mentoring and development they need to grow into elite level coaches.

All of our coaches have the opportunity to improve themselves in a variety of ways. Our expert coaches mentor younger coaches in practices or as their assistants. Our Royal and Orange travel programs train together so that our coaches can share ideas and work together to improve their training environment. In addition, each year High Performance brings in collegiate coaches with national championship and international experience to speak to our coaching staff on a variety of topics including practice planning, defensive and offensive systems, as well as skill training.

We believe that the extensive educational opportunities that we offer our coaches are unrivaled in the St. Louis area and competitive with any club in the nation. By offering these opportunities, we guarantee that even our expert coaches are always evaluating their own style and discussing the best way to train our athletes.