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Program Price Season # Qualifiers/Travel (Travel) Post Season Included *CRS/HUDL/VB-C *PT / ASP / OEP
18 Elite $3,000 6 Months 3 / 5 (Team Travels) Yes Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
Elite $3,200 6 Months 4 / 6 (Team Travels) Yes Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
National $3,000 6-7 Months* 3* / 5 (Team Travels) Yes Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
Select $2,475 5-6 Months 2 / 1 (Team Travels) Yes Yes / Yes / Yes
Advanced $2,225 5-6 Months 1 / 0 (No) No / Yes / Yes
Youth Select $1,600** 6 Months 2 / 1 (Team Travels) No / No / Yes
Future $1,250 4 Months 0 / 0 (No)
Youth Future $975 4 Months 0 / 0 (No)
Youth 9’s $575 4 Months 0 / 0 (No)
  • Team Prices above include gym time, team registration fees, coaching, coach's travel, tournament entry fees, added value programming where indicated, & operational costs.
  • Team Prices DO NOT include Variable Costs, like Uniforms ($100-$300) OR Extended Payment Plans ($100).

*NOTE1: National Teams in the U14-U12 Ages will practice one month longer, play in 1 fewer Qualifier, and one fewer travel event than their U18-U15 counterparts.
**NOTE2: All HP Teams are subsidized, meaning that our price does not reflect the actual costs of the team. The Club accomplishes this through their Non-Profit fundraising and non-team programming revenues. That said, the Youth Select Program is heavily subsidized . The Actual Cost of this team is almost $2,400/player. HP does this to bridge the gap between our Youth Future teams and Select/National Teams. It is a heck of a deal!

Teams By Location

Added Value Programs

AVP's Estimated Value/ Athlete What Athlete/Family Pays
Outdoor Extension Program (OEP) $120 $0
After School Program (ASP) $300 $0
Performance Training (PT) $240 $0
College Recruiting Service/HUDL/VB Connect (CRS/HUDL/VB-C) $350 $0

HP's Added Value Programs are programs paid for through the Club's 501(c)3 Non-Profit Fundraising as well as through it's Non-Team Program Revenue like Camps/Clinics/Tournaments etc. to enhance the value our families receive as a member of HP. Because of its fundraising and non-team programs HP is able to subsidize all of its teams to deliver more to our families for a lesser price. Details on each program of these Added Value Programs are below:

  • After School Program (ASP): This program provides 10+ individual and team positional practices to its athletes. These sessions are led by our most senior and experienced coaches, and provide our athletes the additional training needed to ensure our athletes and teams reach their full potential.
  • Outdoor Extension Program (OEP): This program exposes the very important outdoor doubles game to our athletes. There is no better or more fun way to get better at indoor volleyball than outdoor volleyball. The athletes receive 6 sessions to learn the basic differences of indoor and outdoor volleyball while also getting into the strategies of doubles outdoor. Playing outdoor is again the best and most fun way to become a better indoor volleyball player!
  • Performance Training (PT): This program provides 24+ physical conditioning sessions to its athletes over 3 months to help our athletes with functional movement, core strength, proper jumping/landing mechanics, body strength, injury reduction, speed & agility, and power output. HP is the only club in the area that includes the volume of PT to assist its athletes to prepare their bodies for high level competition.
  • College Recruiting Service (CRS): The Club has a dedicated director along with several staff members with extensive college coaching and recruiting experience to assist our athletes and guide our athletes through the college recruiting process. This includes seminars, combine, 1 on 1 meetings, HUDL video service, and VB Connect college recruiting service. No other club in the area has more knowledge, experience or offerings to assist their athletes to get to the next level!
    1. HUDL - This video service that its teams use to help our athletes with creating videos for college recruiting. Videos include highlight videos, and set/match footage. HUDL is also a tool that our coaches use to help educate and train their teams and athletes on not only the physical game but also the mental game.
    2. VB Connect(VB-C) - This recruiting service actively helps athletes dig into potential schools based on an expansive criteria list that the athlete/family defines. It allows the families to easily communicate with schools, and for schools to communicate with the athletes. This offering is the most robust offering on the market and not only includes Boys and Girls Indoor, but also Outdoor!