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IL Girls' Travel

The Illinois HPSTL VBC Girls’ Travel Program provides volleyball instruction that promotes competitiveness and athletic development for girls in grades 5 through 12.


Our program follows the High Performance STL-VBC Player Development Philosophies and Curriculum Standards to guarantee that proper fundamentals are taught and efficient systems are put in place to ensure that the appropriate development of our teams and athletes takes place. This philosophy and curriculum ensures that each player is able to reach their full potential with High Performance STL-VBC.


Our focus is to implement a program that will develop and prepare each individual athlete to compete at the next level, while at the same time training teams that contend with the best in the country at their age division.

Example: The G14s coaching staffs’ duty is to make sure by the end of the season that each player has been prepared to progress to the G15s level by developing their skill set and teaching an understanding of the volleyball systems that will be used at the G15s level. This philosophy ensures that our players are in a position to make long term growth, while still encouraging competitiveness at their age division.


  • $2200*/player = Travel Select
    • Select Teams 
      • 14s - 1 teams
      • 13s - 1 teams
  • 15s-18s info TBA - Awaiting confirmation from IHSA

*Includes gym time, registration fees, coaching, coach's travel, tournament fees, & operational costs

Other Information: 

  •     5-7 month program**
  •     Select Teams begin in December, and complete their indoor season in early May.
  •     Travel Select players can train 2-3 times a week
  •     The number of tournaments varies, 2-6 travel events, and is roughly 20-25 tournament dates
  •    Other Added Value Training Programs will be offered dependent upon COVID-19 Youth Sports Guidelines and the logistical feasibility given those guidelines.

* ACH payments will be free of charge. Those using Credit Cards will incur those fees on top of the advertised amounts. All prices listed are the single payment in full discounted price. Price does not include uniforms, or optional services the team decides to add beyond budget, or player/family travel expenses.

** The advertised schedule has been scaled back due to the uncertainty of COVID-19. No travel teams include a post season schedule in the advertised budgeted price shown. This difference is reflected in the price reduction. Teams will be able to add additional travel events and a post season schedule for an additional fee if the team qualifies and or chooses to do so. This approach was done to lessen the financial burden and risk for everyone, while allowing those teams so inclined the ability to do more without the club dictating their travel schedule.


Updated 9/10/19