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Jason Seitrich

Born:  St. Louis, MO
Profession:  Physical Education teacher, Volleyball Coach, Baseball Coach, Softball Coach, Soccer Coach, Carpenter, Father
Years Coaching: 7 years of volleyball total

Coaching Background:  I spent my first 5 years coaching with HiP at the 13's and 14's age level, 1 year with Show Me Volleyball (15's), now I am back home at HiP. 

About me as a coach: I am a coach who believes in training the whole athlete. Academic, physical, and moral development is at the heart of all of my coaching regardless of age level or sport. I also believe there is more than one way to, if you see me with some crazy contraption, I am probably on my way to coach.  I like to have fun, but you have to work hard to have fun.

My motto: Hard work + Fun=  Success...without one, the others are not possible. 

Playing Background: I played 3 years of high school volleyball, 1 year of Junior College volleyball a very long time ago. I have also played many seasons of rec volleyball, both sand and indoor. 

Other Interesting Things: I love playing sports and coaching. I'd play any sport if given the opportunity.  I am told I care too much and I have a soft spot for all of my players and former players.I have 2 kids, twins who love to play volleyball, and  one on the way. . My son has HLHS (hypoplastic left heart syndrome, he has 1/2 a heart) but you would never know it by looking at him...unless you ask to see his scar. I was a 2 sport varsity athlete throughout college earning the Captain role as a sophomore and being named to the All Region teams my Junior and Senior year in Baseball. 

Favorite Quote: Stand on left side of road, safe. Stand on right side of road, safe. Stand in middle, squash...just like grape.--Mr. Miyagi