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Men's College Season is Here!

By Matt Martin, 01/29/14, 11:00AM CST


Support our local programs and alumni and familiarize yourself with the collegiate level of play to help with your college selection process!

When our players begin getting to the age where looking at colleges becomes a priority, the most common question we are asked is "What level of play should I/my son be looking into?"  It's always difficult to answer because each coach has different things that they look for when evaluating talent.

Luckily, in the St. Louis area we have lots of opportunities for you to do some evaluating of your own!  We've compiled a list of matches and encourage you to attend as many as possible.  Please check out the .xls file at the bottom of this page for a complete schedule.  This compilation is pulled from the school websites so be sure to check their sites before you attend for any updates or changes that may have been made!

What should you be watching?

DO NOT just attend the matches that you think will be the "big" games.  You need to see all levels.  Most players won't play at a NCAA Divion 1 top 10 in the country program so you need to explore other options.  Even if you are a player who gets that opportunity, seeing teams at different levels will still help you check those programs off of your list and confirm your previous thoughts.  

Watching volleyball for evaluation purposes is different than just watching as a fan.  Service line views are the best way to see the speed of the game.  Sitting by the court and being close to the players gives you an understanding of their size (college teams tend to be rather tall and lifting programs help add some size).  Watch the interaction among the players on the court and bench and between the coaches and players.

You can learn a lot by observing and it can go a long way to helping you find the volleyball fit that is best for you!  Please take advantage as much as possible!