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Hybrid Travels to Cincinnati

Hybrid Travels To Cincinnati

By High-P Staff, 01/30/15, 1:45PM CST


The Start of Something Special

Our HPSTL Girls 16 Hybrid team has been putting in solid work since starting the program! Our Hybrid program is the first of its kind in St. Louis and our girls are working hard in preparation for the outdoor season. This past weekend, 4 doubles teams from Hybrid had the opportunity to travel to Cincinnati to play in an indoor beach doubles tournament! The tournament consisted of 55 beach teams from the Mid-west and East coast and were spread out across 4 different age groups. 3 Hybrid teams competed in the 16 & under division and 1 team competed in the 14 & Under division.

Playing Beach Volleyball indoors is something unfamiliar to most in the St. Louis area. Our girls were eager to get a grip on the atmosphere and jumpstart their competition in the sand. For some of our girls, this was the first time competing in the sand via doubles play. We had a wide range of success once the tournament was complete. Most notably, Lemmon/Theiss went 4-2 suffering their only 2 losses to the 2014 USAV Beach championship runner-up. 

Going back and forth between the beach game and the indoor game allows our girls to truly grasp the game of volleyball from two different angles. In doing so, their volleyball I.Q. is heightened significantly! We had some surprises competing in the sand. But this is all part of the learning process. On Sunday, some of our players stuck around in Cincinnati to play a “Queen of the beach” style tournament. This was really interesting as you have a different partner for each match. Once each athlete plays a match with each partner, the overall points leader becomes the “Queen of the Beach”. Again, this style of play allows our Hybrid team to meet and compete alongside different types of players creating more opportunities to raise their volleyball I.Q.

This was the first Beach tournament for HPSTL Hybrid and we are looking forward to the change in STL weather to start training in the sand! We believe this program is the start of something special, not just for Hybrid, but for our entire HPSTL Family. Our Hybrid program creates double the amount of volleyball opportunities for our athletes. With more opportunities comes even more development for our players to achieve their goals! Is it Spring yet? Here are some competition photos given generously by our parents. Go Hybrid!