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Bids, Bids, and more Bids!

By Andy Halaz, 05/08/17, 3:30PM CDT


Another Record Year at the Gateway Bid Tournament

13 Royal earned an American bid

7 More HPSTL Bids roll in!

HPSTL is up to 10 teams that have qualified for GJNC in 2017 to go along with the 5 boys teams that have earned Open bids for BJNCs. 

Last weekend, the Gateway region hosted its annual Bid Event, where seven more HPSTL teams qualified for Minneapolis. It is the first time HPSTL has been in double digits for the girls side of the program; just one of many statistical measurements that continues to show the improvement within HPSTL. High Performance also had more teams in bid matches than ever before and our year over year team finish improved by an average of almost two places at each age group!

In the 12s tournament, 12 Royal finished 1 spot shy of a bid. They battled hard throughout Saturday on their way to a 4th place finish. 12 Orange finished 9th and IL 12 Select finished 7th.

At 13s, Royal brought home a 2nd place finish and a National Bid, while 13 Orange finished 9th and 13 Select finished 17th.

14s brought back two bids as IL 14 National took 2nd and 14 Royal took 3rd, which earned them each American bids! IL 14 Select and 14 Orange also finished in the top ten with 9th place finishes.

15 Royal swept the field for the National Bid, while IL 151 Select finished 3rd, good enough for an American Bid! 15 Orange and 15 White finished 6th and 7th respectively, while IL 152 Select finished 13th.

16 Royal held their number 1 seed to take the National Bid, while 16 Orange had 2 bid match opportunities before taking 6th place. 16 Select finished 17th.

IL 17 Elite survived three 3-setters on their way to a 1st place finish and the National Bid, while 17 Orange finished 4th and 17 Select finished 6th.


15 Royal took home the National Bid!

Open Bids 2017

B18 Royal

B17 Royal

G17 Royal

B16 Royal

B15 Royal

B14 Royal

14 Royal earned an American Bid!

IL 151 Select celebrates their American Bid

National and USA Bids 2017

National Bids

G 18 Royal

G 17 Elite

G 16 Royal

G 15 Royal

G 13 Royal

USA Bids

G 18 Select

16 Royal sweeps the day for a National Bid!

American Bids 2017

G 151 Select

G 14 National

G 14 Royal

IL 17 Elite finished off all competition for the National Bid!