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Open Play

     Grass volleyball is open to all players in and outside the club all summer long. We encourage younger athletes to come out and play as well, 12s on up.  Playing grass volleyball, especially doubles is one of the best ways to improve your overall game. And it's fun!  

     In addition to Open Grass Play, if there is interest we may offer Grass Doubles Tournaments during the summer. See this summer's schedule below. For further questions on our outdoor offerings please contact us at

     We encourage everyone to bring a partner to Open Grass Play so you do not have to sit around and wait for a partner to become available.

     We will begin grass volleyball play at Crestwood Park at 11:00 a.m. Play will continue until everyone has had enough. Typically, we are there at least 2 to 3 hours. There are 2 fields at Crestwood Park where we will host Open Play. The picture below shows the parking options and location information. Each open play date will take place at Location #1 or Location #2. The schedule is listed below. These details are also shown on the calendar.

     This is FREE of charge for all players.

Grass Volleyball Tips & Suggestions

While it is not necessary to bring a partner to Open Play it is recommended, and does increase the enjoyment to play with someone you know. Their will be people there to monitor the play and help players find and assign partners. So if you cannot find a partner to go with you, it shouldn't stop you from going. Playing with people you do not know is a great way to get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. 

Since outdoor volleyball is weather dependent, please make sure you visit the web site before heading out for the afternoon. Cancellations will be posted on our Website, Facebook page, and on Twitter in cases of inclement weather.

When the weather is nice and hot, please be advised that when you are not playing, you should be sitting in the shade, drinking fluids, and staying cool. It is recommended that you wear hats to keep the sun off your head and make sure you use sunscreen.

Also, remember to eat a good meal at least an hour or two before play begins. It is always a good idea to bring and drink plenty of fluids, as well as eating small snacks throughout the day. Good snacks to bring are pretzels, fruit, nuts, and light sandwiches. Most importantly, know and listen to your body. If you are feeling badly, stop play and let someone know.

Come on out...improve your game and have a great time!

For further questions on our offerings please contact us at