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Private Lessons


If you would like to schedule a lesson or have any questions please contact Kevin Dunn  by email at  


Is your athlete looking for additional training? Our coaches provide private and group lessons!

Our coaches offer private lessons to further train and teach your athletes beyond what they already receive in their team environment. Private lessons provide individually focused training, which incorporate personalized goals and objectives for each player, based on their competitive and positional needs.  This is also a great way to build confidence and increase a player's overall knowledge of the game.

For fall and winter private lessons, please email Kevin Dunn.  Kevin will help find gym time that works best for both you and the coach that you request.

***If you are currently playing in your high school volleyball season and would like lessons during the high school season, you must get permission from your high school coach and a school administrator.  

For additional information:

  • Our instructor bio and contact information is located below.
  • Please read our Additional Information section below for additional information on price, player and session discounts, and how to choose 1 on 1 versus group lessons.

1 on 1 versus Group Lessons

Additional Information

  • 1 on 1: Complete focus on 1 Individual
  • 1 on 1: More contacts
  • Group: Positionally & Skill Wise there are benefits with the different positions working together, i.e. setters setting off of a libero’s passes/digs versus a coach's toss. An attacker attacking off of a setter’s set versus a coach's toss, etc.
  • Group: Positionally & Skill Wise there are benefits with the same positions working together, i.e. 2-3 setters, or 3-4 attackers working together. There are only so many reps in a row a player can perform before fatigue sets in. Building in rest by having multiple players at a position allows for increased quality of repetitions.
  • Group: Watching others perform the skill you are also training accelerates learning as the coaches can use modeling to show a player what an aspect of proper technique looks like. If a setter is struggling with proper receive technique or footwork, and another setter is present that has mastered those elements, there is an immediate side by side comparison that can be used for visual learning.
  • Group: The individual out of pocket price decreases significantly when there are more players training together.

Price Per Player/Session/Hour

# of Players # of Sessions Price Per Player
1 1-3 $80 per hour
1 4-7 $75 per hour
1 8 or more $70 per hour
2/3/4 1-3 $55/$45/$40 per hour
2/3/4 4-7 $50/$40/$35 per hour
2/3/4 8 or more $45/$35/$30 per hour
5 or more 1-3 $35 per hour
5 or more 4-7 $30 per hour
5 or more 8 or more $25 per hour

Private Lesson Instructors

Kevin Dunn

Kevin Dunn

Lesson Coordinator

Phone: 314-368-9066

Coach Kevin's Bio

Before joining High Performance STL in 2017, Kevin had been coaching at the college level for 10+ years. He has coached at the NAIA, NCAA D1, D2, and D3 levels. Kevin has worked with and helped develop athletes that have won All-Conference, Player of the Year, and All-American Honors. Originally from St. Louis, Kevin played at DeSmet before continuing his volleyball career at Lindenwood University. After playing and coaching for the Lions, Kevin went on to coach at Southern Arkansas University, University of Alabama, West Virginia University, Washington University in St. Louis, North Dakota State University, and Missouri State University.

David Owens


Phone: 314-503-7906

Coach David's Bio

David has been coaching club volleyball for about 10 years. David came over to High Performance in 2016 after spending 3 years with Jefferson College as well as 8 years with H2 Saint Louis Volleyball Club. David's coached a lot of high level teams with multiple top 15 finishes at the USAV National Championships. David loves being in the gym and teaching as well as learning from his peers at High Performance.

Caitlyn Vann


Phone: 312-972-0934

John Rodgers

John Rodgers


Phone: 314-809-0900

Coach John's Bio

Born: St. Louis. Profession: Volleyball Years Coaching: 19 Playing Background: USAV 15 years Regional and Zonal champs. USAV Nationals participant 8 years. MVA Doubles Tour 5 years. Coaching Background: Missouri State assistant coach (9 years), University of Alabama Assistant Coach (5 years), University of North Carolina-Wilmington Head Coach (2 years), Missouri Baptist Assistant Coach 3 years, Olympic Festival Assistant Coach, Coached USA teams in Italy (2 years). Club Coaching Experience: Team St. Louis 151 and 161 Head Coach (2 years), High Performance Head Coach (7 years) 13s - 18s. Other Experience: Grad assistant at Washington University and Wichita State University, Hosted Men's and Women's USA National Team competitions, USAV Nationals host committee, USAV Nationals Facility Supervisor, AAU National Championship Assistant Director, Olympic Festival Coach and Facility Director Awards & Finishes, Teams qualified for NCAA tournaments 4 times. First time in school history, 4 teams received NCAA team g.p.a. awards, Numerous all conference and all regional award winners. 98% graduation rate. High Performance 13 Royal finished 3rd in the National Division at the 2015 USAV National Championships. Missouri Baptist Finished 5th at the NAIA National Championships 2014. Other Interesting Things: Scott Mebruer's idol and mentor.

Laurel Perini


Phone: 901-359-8717

Monica Munoz

Lesson Instructor

Phone: 314-307-9188

Monica Munoz

Monica has played volleyball for 13 years including 4 years at University of Arkansas in the Southeastern Conference (2012-2015). There, she helped coach the University of Arkansas volleyball camps during the summers; coaching at both the individual and team level. Leading up to her collegiate career, Monica played at various clubs in the St. Louis area in her younger years. Before High Performance STL included the girl’s division, Monica played for Team St. Louis in 2009 and finished out her club volleyball career at High Performance STL from 2010-2012. During her 18’s club season, Monica was an assistant coach for a High Performance STL 11’s team.

Cary Cusumano

Cary Cusumano

STL Girl's Director

Phone: 314-255-9926

Bryan Pieschel

Bryan Pieschel

STL Boy's Director

Phone: 314-750-0832

Abby Hanger

Abby Hanger

IL Director

Phone: 618-420-0600