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The High Performance STL Regional Program provides introductory volleyball instruction to boys in the 4th through 12th grade while promoting competitiveness in a low athlete to coach ratio.


Our program follows the High Performance STL-VBC Player Development Philosophies and Curriculum Standards to guarantee that proper fundamentals are taught and systems are put in place to ensure that the appropriate development of our teams and athletes takes place. This philosophy and curriculum ensures that each player is able to reach their full potential with High Performance STL-VBC. Our Regional program provides much needed opportunities for athletes to train under our experienced staff in an attempt to grow the game locally. While travel is not prohibited for the teams in the regional program, the intent of the program is to limit the investment of time and money for families while providing the same training environment for our players to compete and train under the highly skilled High Performance STL staff. 


The focus of this program is to provide players the best training possible without the increased demands of money, time, and travel of our travel program. Coaches focus on providing the instruction and practice experiences that will equip players to play on travel teams in the future (should they desire to do so) as well as make greater contributions on their school teams. Coaches also teach the same life lessons that are a hallmark of all High Performance STL programs.


  • $1350*/player = Regional Intermediate
    • Boys 18s-11s Regional Program (all BHS regional teams, 13 Royal, 13-14 Orange, 14 White, and all 11-12's teams)
    • Includes gym time, registration fees, coaching, tournament fees, & operational costs
    • Includes Outdoor Extension Program Training
    • Includes After School Program Training (12s-18s)
    • *Includes $125 of mandatory fundraising through raffle tickets. Players who sell their tickets will receive the $125 back.

Other Information:

  •     5-6 month program ​​
  •     15s-18s begin in October, break for the High School season in February, and return in June to complete their season with our Outdoor Extension Program (OEP)
  •     11s-14s begin their season in late November, take a small break in April, and complete their season in May with our Outdoor Extension Program (OEP)
  •     Regional Intermediate players can train 1-3 times a week
  •     Regional Intermediate teams number of tournaments vary, but it is roughly  10-12 local dates of play
  •     After School Program training opportunities included (12s-18s)
  •     All Regional Teams experience include a 3-4 week outdoor grass or sand training experience.
    • Boys high school = June
    • All other ages or gender = May

* ACH payments will be free of charge. Those using Credit Cards will incur those fees on top of the advertised amounts. All prices listed are the single payment in full discounted price. Price does not include uniforms, or optional services the team decides to add beyond budget, or player/family travel expenses.


Updated 9/4/18


  • 11s = Thu./Sat.
  • 12s = Thu./Sat.
  • 13s = Thu./Sat.
  • 14s = Thu./Sat.
  • 15s = Sun./Mon.
  • 16s = Sun./Mon.
  • 17s = Sun./Mon.
  • 18s = Sun./Mon.