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Tricia Stermon

Born: I was born Wyandotte, Michigan and my family moved to Houston, Texas when I was 7. I got married and moved to Columbus, Ohio and lived there for 9 years and my husband’s job transferred us to St. Louis, MO in 1996 and we have lived in St. Charles, MO for the past 23 years.

Profession: Volleyball coach and working as an Asst. teacher at Bella Montessori school. Previously I have worked in the banking industry and I had a home Day Care business.

Years Coaching: 1986-present

Coaching Background:

2019-20 Head Coach HPSTL 11 Orange

2003-2019 Club Director for St. Charles Stars Volleyball Club-during those years I have coached girls from 10-18 years old and usually coached 2 teams each season and some years coached 3 teams.

2001-2002-Wentzvile Heat 11’s

2001-2005-St. Joseph Cottleville, MO CYC Parish League

1986-1988-St. Mathew Parish in Gahanna, Ohio 7th and 8th grade team

Awards & Finishes:

2019 STC Stars 14TS-1st Silver Gateway League

2019 STC Stars 14TS-10th Premier Nike Presidents Day Event

2018 STC Stars 13TS earned a National Bid to GJNC in Detroit, MI

2018 STC Stars 13TS-11th in 13 USA at Asics Show Me Qualifier

2018 STC Stars 13TS-5th Gold 13 USA at Nike MidEast Qualifier

2018 STC Stars 13TS-4th Gold 13 Premier Nike Presidents Day Classic

2018 STC Stars 13TS-3rd Gold Gateway League 13/14s Div.

2017 STC Stars 12TS-5th Gold American Asics Show ME Qualifier

2017 STC Stars 12TS-1st Silver (4th overall) Gateway League 12’s div.

2017 STC Stars 12TS-11th Premier- Nike Presidents Day Classic

2016 STC Stars 12TS-2nd Gold Premier Invitational League

2016 STC Stars 13KS-1st Silver (5th overall) Premier Invitational League

2016 STC Stars 12TS-3rd Gold American Nike MidEast Qualifier

2016 STC Stars 13KS-9th Gold American Nike MidEast Qualifier

2016 STC Stars 13KS earned an American bid to GJNC in Indianapolis

2016 STC Stars 13KS-1st Gold Gateway Regionals

2015 STC Stars 12KS-1st Gold (undefeated) Premier Invitational League

2015 STC Stars 12KS earned American bid to GJNC in New Orleans, LA

2015 STC Stars 12KS-5th Open Div. Presidents Day Classic

2015 STC Stars 12KS-2nd Gold Gateway Regionals

2013 STC Stars 17TS-1st Silver Presidents Day Classic 17/18 Girls

Playing Background:

Started playing volleyball in Jr. High in Houston, Texas. Played 4 years in high school and many adult leagues. Played USAV in Ohio and in Missouri.

Also played basketball in Jr. High and High School and ran track in high school and was on the swim team. I played softball starting in elementary school and on a travel team in my early adult years.

Other Interesting Things:

I am very passionate about volleyball and I love working with the youngest players and giving them a great foundation in their technical and tactical volleyball skills

I stay active by riding my bike, kayaking and working out, doing yard work.

I am a volleyball referee.

I held the position of District Coordinator for the St. Charles CYC region. I was also the parish volleyball coordinator for St. Joseph Cottleville.

I am married and have a son and a daughter.

Favorite Quote: