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About Us


We hope that you will take the time to read through the following sections to understand who we are as an organization.


In 2008, when we at High Performance STL were deciding on our future structure, we noted that several volunteer clubs in the area struggled to survive after losing leadership. Additionally, when comparing ourselves to other nationally successful youth volleyball programs, we realized that all of them were professionally organized with full-time employees. With this information, the High Performance STL Board of Directors made the decision to incorporate as a non-profit organization and higher a full-time staff starting with an Executive Director. Our board knew that a professional, full-time staff would allow for sustainable growth and improvement, while providing the security that would ensure the club's future success.

Since becoming a non-profit organization in 2008, we have added several full-time staff members so that we could offer further services and oversight to our players and families. These services include top-notch professional training, college recruiting assistance, and fundraising help just to name a few. In this same period the club has increased it’s successes locally and nationally, with teams consistently ranked in the top 25 in the country. We believe that High Performance STL is positioned for continued and long term success through its professional structure and talented staff, and we are committed to providing the best volleyball experience and services to our members.

Club Governing Bodies

Board of Directors - The purpose of our Board of Directors is to monitor our organization’s fiscal management. The board reviews and approves the annual budget and answers to funding sources and donors. They ensure that we have the appropriate resources to meet our mission, and assist in raising funds when resources are not available. The board is also responsible for selecting our executive director, and evaluating the organization's overall effectiveness. Ultimately they determine how well the mission of High Performance STL is fulfilled and ensure that our organization's values and vision are always at the forefront of any action.

Parent Council Parents are a key constituent of the High Performance family and to ensure they are heard and understood we have created a ‘Parent Council’. This council is comprised of current High Performance parents and meets monthly to provide feedback and ideas to the Executive Director by when it relates to issues parents of our athletes.

Coaches Council It is our coaches who drive the mission of High Performance by working directly with our athletes, so we have put together a ‘Coaches Council’ to make sure their concerns are addressed. The Coaches Council, that meets monthly, is comprised of a wide-array of coaches from both the boys and girls division and acts as a sounding board by providing feedback directly to the Executive Director.

Club Staff Positions

Executive Director: The High Performance STL Executive Director is responsible for our overall club operations. He or she ensures the organization has a long term strategy in place to achieve our mission, and makes sure we are implementing that strategy in a consistent and timely manner. The Executive Director also provides leadership in developing program, organizational, financial, and budgetary plans with the Board of Directors and staff, and carries out plans and policies authorized by the board. He or she is required to maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the field and establishes sound working relationships with community groups and organizations. In addition, her or she is responsible for the recruitment, employment, and release of all staff and overseeing the development and effectiveness of all staff, and maintaining a climate which attracts, keeps, and motivates a staff of top quality individuals.

Associate Club Director: The associate director is responsible for assisting the Executive Director directly or indirectly in all areas. He or she supervises and trains staff within our organization, issues technical advice for compliance with program policies, and evaluates the design and coordination of projects. This individual may lead committees and task forces to improve service and quality as well as be in charge of conducting surveys to receive input on our organizational management. Finally, he or she is also completes reports as needed; including budget, tax and employee records.

Boy's Division Director:  The boy’s program director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our boy's programs. He or she is in charge of creating the training curriculum for our teams and also hires, assigns, manages, and mentors all boy's coaching staff, and works with the Executive Director and the club's CFO to create ‘Team & Program Budgets’ for all of the boy's programs. He or she is also responsible for creating policies and procedures for the boy's program that ensures overall program effectiveness.  He or she must actively ensure that there is growth in membership of the High Performance STL's boys programs and is responsible for communicating goals, successes, and program wide decisions to the boy's membership.

Girl's Division Director:  The girl’s program director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of our girl’s programs. He or she is in charge of creating the training curriculum for our teams and also hires, assigns, manages, and mentors all girl’s coaching staff, and works with the Executive Director and the club's CFO to create ‘Team & Program Budgets’ for all of the girl’s programs. He or she is also responsible for creating policies and procedures for the girl’s program that ensures overall program effectiveness.  He or she must actively ensure that there is growth in membership of the High Performance STL's girl’s programs and is responsible for communicating goals, successes, and program wide decisions to the girl’s membership.

Financial Director: The Financial Director defines the processes and implements the systems needed to support organizational growth. He or she builds and manages effective and streamlined administrative and financial systems, including financial, accounting, legal, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), and physical infrastructure. The Financial Director will also be involved in strategic planning, evaluation, and professional development initiatives, as well as overseeing all billing, payroll and collections activities for the club and its programs.

Fundraising, Development, & DIG it! Director : The Director of Fundraising, Development, and DIG It! programs is first responsible for communicating with the High Performance membership to inform them about any and all fundraising opportunities available for our athletes. This person is in charge of coordinating our Go Raise Dough raffle as well as organizing our annual High Performance STL Trivia Night held in the Spring. Secondly, he or she is charged with the task of working directly with the Executive Director to plan and execute yearly development plans that will help raise funds to secure the long-term existence of High Performance STL. Finally, he or she a runs the DIG it! program, an acronym for “Developing the Inner Girl”, the mission of the program is to inspire elementary urban girls to lead healthy, confident lives through an after school program that integrates a wellness curriculum with volleyball instruction. Our DIG it! director builds relationships with urban principals, recruits and trains coaches, locates passionate volunteers, manages a donation program, and updates, plans, implements, and grows the DIG it! program within the urban schools.

College Recruiting & Coaching Development Director: The Director of College Recruiting and Coaching Development provides our families with annual college recruiting seminars as well as one-on-one consultation for our junior and senior athletes on how to select the “right” college for them.  He or she is responsible for  developing a “College Recruiting Guide” that covers topics from financial aid, to social landscape, to what to look when it comes to volleyball specifics (league, coaches, players, etc.). This person is also in charge of our coaching development and yearly brings in expert speakers such as renowned college coaches as well as certified sports psychologists to touch on various topics related to improving the quality of our coaches.

Non-Team Program Director: The non-team program director is responsible for creating, maintaining, managing, and marketing all of our club's external programs. These programs include Tournaments, Camps, Clinics, and Private Lessons.



The development of our players is at the forefront of our club’s mission statement and is the passion of our staff and coaches. We are in the process of developing a club-wide curriculum that has been created by our senior coaches who are subject matter experts on the training of youth volleyball from the most basic learn-to-play levels through our 18 Gold teams. This curriculum will include teaching philosophies and age-appropriate drills for teams of all levels and has been formulated from ideas and philosophies taken from USA volleyball and University-level teams with whom our coaches have worked. This will serve as an "optional" resource for our coaches to use when training our teams. In addition we encourage collaboration between coaches and teams and each of our teams have “practice partners” that they train with. With teams working together they are able to utilize time and court space appropriately so they are performing positional training in which a group of setters or liberos will work specifically with an expert coach on that position, training on the specific skills that will make that athlete be successful as that position. We believe that implementing this training will lead to our athletes being able to play and perform the skills that will allow them to play the sport at the university level and beyond..



We take great pride in the coaches that we have leading our young men and women, because it is them who ultimately drive our mission. We believe coaching is more than knowing how to perform a skill and having a loud voice on the sideline, but that a coach truly cares about their players as individuals and works relentlessly to develop their players throughout the course of the season. Our coaches invest a tremendous amount of time in the development of our players and pride themselves in teaching the game from an educational standpoint.

Every year we boast a top tier line up of coaches who have a range of backgrounds and coaching experiences. These experiences include coaching high school, club, and NCAA  “All-Americans”, coaching in collegiate Final Fours, and even coaching USA National teams in international competition. 

Each year we have new coaches on staff who have a passion for the game of volleyball and who are eager to learn. Many of these young coaches are alumni who want to give back to the program that made them successful players. We believe strongly in helping our young coaches receive the mentoring and development they need to grow into elite level coaches.

All of our coaches have the opportunity to improve themselves in a variety of ways. Our expert coaches mentor younger coaches in practices or as their assistants. Our Gold and Navy travel programs train together so that our coaches can share ideas and work together to improve their training environment. In addition, each year High Performance brings in collegiate coaches with national championship and international experience to speak to our coaching staff on a variety of topics including practice planning, defensive and offensive systems, as well as skill training.

We believe that the extensive educational opportunities that we offer our coaches are unrivaled in the St. Louis area and competitive with any club in the nation. By offering these opportunities, we guarantee that even our expert coaches are always evaluating their own style and discussing the best way to train our athletes.



One of the core pillars of the High Performance experience is our dedication to being a community. The club has recently consolidated nearly all of our in-gym activities to one location in Creve Coeur, C4 Courts. This allows for a wide range of interaction between our teams and programs of all ages and genders. High Performance is unique because we have the feel of being one club and not simply a collection of teams under one name.

High Performance encourages our coaches to work together and help with the practices of multiple teams. This gives our coaches the ability to share ideas and work together for the betterment of the club rather than simply their own team. In addition, this community model allows for our athletes to be exposed to a variety of training methods and ideas. It also gives them the opportunity to become acquainted with the coaches they may have next season as well as continue relationships with coaches from the past. 

Another part of the High Performance community is the mentoring program between our older teams and our youngest age levels. Each of our high school aged teams is required to attend at least one of our COED 8’s and COED 10's practices each season. This experience helps our high school aged players understand what it means to give back to their community and our club. Often times they want to continue helping with the younger teams and commit to coaching for the entire season. This level of interaction is invaluable and has helped our players discover a passion for coaching within themselves.

In addition to coaching, High Performance promotes the idea of community in other ways.  Each year one of our most popular club events is our co-ed scrimmage between our high school teams. The goal of this  “competition” is to build friendly relationship between our boys’ and girls’ programs.  Another yearly community event is our High Performance Trivia Night. This event annually welcomes between 700-800 of our family members, alumni, coaches, staff, and friends. Besides the trivia competition itself, this night includes a silent auction, 50-50 tickets, and complimentary beer, soda, and bottled water

High Performance not only believes in the importance of instilling a sense of community within the club itself, but is also passionate about bettering the greater community of St. Louis. One example of this passion in action is High Performance’s DIG It! program that was founded in 2012. An acronym for “Developing the Inner Girl”, the mission of DIG it! is to inspire elementary urban girls to lead healthy, confident lives through an after school program that integrates a wellness curriculum with volleyball. Last year twenty-five girls in grades 4th-6th learned how to play volleyball for the first time. In addition they worked with a curriculum that taught them how to make healthy lifestyle choices and improve their self-image. DIG it! is fully funded through donations and is offered free of charge to schools that are interested. In addition, this year TWO DIG it! girls will be playing for High Performance through the DIG it! sponsorship fund. This fund will be used to help support DIG it! girls that have shown the athletic ability and interest to continue to play volleyball at an elite club level. The goal of this sponsorship program is to identify individuals, groups, and organizations that are willing to build personal relationships with these girls and help reduce the cost of playing volleyball at the club level so that these girls can compete for athletic scholarships to play volleyball at the collegiate level.



Playing club volleyball can be a large commitment for families.  As your child gets older and more involved with the sport, the competitiveness will increase, so in turn we must increase our training experience for our older teams from a beginner to elite.  The most notable increases will be in weekly practice time, physical training, and travel outside of the St. Louis metro area. The cost associated with these elite programs is directly proportional to the increased time and services that we offer.

Our beginner programs (Coed 8s/10s, 11s,12s, and 13s) teach each and every player all of the fundamental skills of the game, how to be part of a team,  and the basics of competing at a high level. Our older more elite programs continue to develop each girl’s individual skills and additionally teach high-level team systems and teamwork. Our belief is that this method will give each of our athletes the opportunity to pursue playing volleyball at the collegiate level and beyond, as instill vital traits with them that will make them successful adults (Teamwork, Resiliency, Passion, etc.).

Each and every year we strive to keep the financial commitment as low as possible while still offering an elite volleyball experience.  We are committed to being competitive both on the court and with our price structure with the top clubs in the country.  Through the help of our fundraising efforts, our market research shows that we are very much inline with programs that offer a similar competitive experience.

Boys' Travel Commitment

Boys' Regional Commitment

Girls' Travel Commitment

Girls' Regional Commitment



We believe that through the structure and process we described above, that we are putting all of our teams in a position to compete and succeed with the best teams in the country at their age group. The 2012-2013 season was our most successful to date, qualifying EIGHTEEN teams for the USAV Junior National Championships and we plan on building off that success this season. Please click here to see our results from our past.