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Cary Cusumano VolleyHeart Logo

To further remember Cary's legacy and impact on High Performance the club has created the Cary Cusumano VolleyHeart Logo. The logo will be placed on our club practice tshirts, and moving forward on all new volleyball jerseys.

Why the heart? Without a doubt Cary had the biggest heart out of anyone we have met in the volleyball community. You always knew where you stood with Cary, and his warmth and graciousness in making everyone feel included and that you belonged speaks to how wonderful his heart was.

The CC VolleyHeart design incorporates a heart shaped volleyball with Cary's initials blending into the heart and volleyball. We think that says it all, and extremely fitting for who Cary was. We made sure to put a lot of Orange in the design as Cary loved the color Orange. The subtlety of the blending of all of these elements was also pure Cary.

So now, like Cary, we will be wearing our heart on our sleeve!