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Illinois K-5th Grade - Youth Academy

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HIGH PERFORMANCE - STL Illinois Volleytots program provides instruction to girls and boys volleyball players ages 3-10  in a fun atmosphere with a low athlete to coach ratio.

THE PROGRAM size is limited and will focus on establishing proper technique for teaching offensive/defensive skills, as well as coaching proper movement.  The use of lower nets and smaller courts are used to maximize skill sessions that include passing, serving, setting, attacking, tracking the ball, etc.  As we have done with all of our age groups we have created a plan and established goals for the 7 and under age group.

OUR FOCUS is simple, learn proper fundamentals now so that the players can continue to grow and improve as they physically mature and gain experience. The most important factor in an athlete’s development is establishing sound fundamentals. Without fundamentals, gains that an athlete makes through maturity, experience and physicality can never result in a player reaching their maximum potential.  Each 60 minute session focuses on developing coordination, ball handling, and motor skills.  We conclude with game-like play, putting into action the skill sets taught.  Through game-like play, athletes gain a better understanding of the individual parts of the game and further their development of court sense. 

OUR STAFF has extensive experience and training to ensure that learning how to play the “right way” will take place in a fun engaging environment. These coaches are current and former high school players, college players, grade school volleyball directors, high school coaches, professional players and college coaches. They have decades of experience with volleyball players of all skill levels, ages and genders. We are committed to providing the very best in coaching, and maximizing our players’ potential. 

For questions, please contact Abby or Addie.

U7-U3 obstacle course


Abby Hanger

Illinois Program Director

Addie Burris

Illinois Youth Development Director

Belleville Sportsplex
2346 Mascoutah Ave.
Belleville, IL 62220