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The High Performance STL-VBC Girls' and Boys' Outdoor Doubles Program provides volleyball instruction that promotes competitiveness, fun, and athletic development for players in grades 5 through 12. The best way to become a better indoor player is to play outdoor doubles! The best way to become a better outdoor player is to train with HPSTL in one of our Beach Programs listed below!


The outdoor game allows players to come back to the indoor game with a higher understanding of volleyball. We believe outdoor volleyball creates a new opportunity for players in the STL area, which will create a higher level of play in the years to come. 

The Outdoor Program includes competition and instruction that varies from indoor volleyball. We believe one of the best ways to learn the game of volleyball is to play sand volleyball via the doubles game. Players exposed to sand volleyball must be aware of the different surface, a different volleyball, smaller court size, and fewer players on a court. All of these differences allow players to grasp the game of volleyball on a higher level. Players in the program are involved in every other contact. This creates more opportunities to fine tune their skills, push their comfort zone, and encourage growth. Battling the outdoor elements also creates a heightened sense of court awareness. 

We took some time to break down the amount of contacts made playing outdoor doubles and how it compares to indoor volleyball. Spoiler alert, outdoor volleyball has 3x the amount of possible contacts compared to indoor volleyball! Take a look!